Nutrition is extremely important to our health and well-being. We require certain vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrate, and proteins for our bodies to replace and replenish the cells that make up the body that we live in.  Every enzyme, hormone, chemical messenger, organ, bone tissue, etc. in our body depends upon what we eat and drink to supply the necessary building blocks and support for us to remain healthy.

Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat are nutritionally devoid of anything meaningful with regards to healthy eating.  Fast foods, candy, soda pop, chips, processed foods, etc., foods  that we take for granted in our diet provide little health value except to add to our caloric intake and our waistline.

 Even some of the foods that we consider "healthy" foods do not contain all the nutrients due to over farming the soils or  have been  harvested prior to ripening, and not given enough time to absorb all the nutrients that would normally have been present.

In order to get what we need to supply our bodies with the proper nutrition and micro-nutrients, we need to enrich our diet with foods that are nutritionally healthy and/or take supplements to supply the missing or deficient nutrients.

DNA Targeted Nutrition

Nutrition Supplementation Based On Your DNA??

I have discovered a company that that offers DNA targeted nutrition. For those of you who are interested in the best nutrition that technology has to offer then this is for you.

With the simple collection of DNA from a cheek swab you are sent a detailed report of your predispositions for aging including cardiovascular, joint, lung and breast tissue health, immune health, brain and eye health, how well you detoxify pollutants as well as to discover what makes your skin age from oxidative damage, environmental stresses, irritation, collagen breakdown and photo-aging. After examining your DNA your personalized formula for nutritional supplements and skin repair serum with 100% active ingredients individually selected to enhance or diminish the biological processes causing you to age.

This is the latest and best that science has to offer. It is known through research as described by medical researchers at the University of California Berkley, that once damaged or defective genes have been identified, using nutrition targeted for those genes they can be repaired. This is phenomenal news!

You can take advantage of this breakthrough in nutritional science by clicking here.

Watch this Fox News report of Dr. Steven Garner of New York Methodist Hospital describing this new discovery. (Sorry for the preceding commercial Ė itís part of the Fox News article.)

For those of you who are scientifically minded, or just want to know more about the science behind this product (Life Map ME).

To view the productís frequently asked questions click here:  FAQ

By visiting this website you can also discover how you can get your specialized formulation made just for you, FREE!

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Enjoy your newfound health!

Charles P. Graham, D.C.

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