With this mailing list system, we can share important announcements and information with chiropractors from all over the world who have subscribed to the list. It can be accessed from any online service (AOL, CIS, Internet etc) and there is no cost. AOL users can read about these lists in the Internet section (KEYWORD: Internet). Look for "mailing lists".

Here are the instructions for subscribing.

To sign up on the new chiropractic mailing list, send e-mail to
with the following command in the body of your e-mail message:

subscribe chiro-list

BTW, please don't put a signature or periods at the end of your message.

That's it. Give it a try.

I look forward to maintaining an open dialog with you via e-mail and the Internet.

Submitted by:
Paul Cronshaw DC (paulc@silcom.com)
Cyberspace Chiropractor

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