Appointment Policy

Presently, our office hours are Monday - Wednesday - Friday   9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Same day appointments are usually available except on Tuesday's and Thursday's. 

Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for special appointments that have been arranged well in advance.  The office is usually closed on Thursday.

We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Appointments are required.  Call (989) 224-8688 to schedule your appointment.

We make every attempt to ensure that you are seen at your appointment time without having to wait for your treatment.  However, unforeseen circumstances and emergencies do on occasion exist, and the doctor has to treat the patient to their needs.  If this occurs, we ask your patience in waiting as the doctor will offer the same courtesies to you.

Existing Patients with New Injuries/Conditions

If you are already a patient at Mid-Michigan Chiropractic Center, but have a new injury or problem, tell the receptionist so we may schedule extra time for you.  It is unreasonable to expect the doctor and staff to take a case history, do an exam, possibly take x-rays, then deliver your treatment within the time normally allotted for your current problem.  To disregard this policy puts the doctor behind schedule with other patients.  Let us know in advance that you have a new condition and we will schedule the appropriate amount of time for you.

Missed Appointment Policy

If you know you can't make your appointed time for the office visit, please call (989) 224-8688 and tell the receptionist.  You may cancel or re-schedule your appointment without penalty up to one hour prior to the appointed time.  It is not our normal policy to bill for a missed appointment, however too many "no-shows" and you will be billed for an office visit as the doctor has reserved that time for you and no one else.  Your insurance will not pay for missed appointments, making you personally responsible for the fee.


If you have any questions regarding our appointment policy, please call (989) 224-8688 and speak with the receptionist.

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